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Here is a fun exercise that Kyle Cassidy shamed many of us LUGgers into at the dawn of the Millenium. Now Jeffery Smith runs a PAW list and forum for the participants around the globe.

This 'project' was initially an attempt to justify the expense of the better quality equipment (Leica & Voigtländer, and finally Nikon) that I'd been accumulating by using it all to try and produce at least ONE nice image each week throughout the calendar year. It has grown into a welcome challenge that helps to keep my 'for profit' shooting healthy and fresh.

For the 2005 CE PAW Project I have chosen to go with a photoBLOG format using my alternate domain AnotherMaine.com. This year will be fixated on providing images of my homestate of Maine that aren't sterotypical. I expect that with often shooting digitally and the ease that the BLOG format offers, my regular submissions will increase to my 2001 once a week levels.

2004 was so busy with my still transitioning to digital capture for work that I sadly didn't bother with a PAW.

The 2003 CE Project went miserably. I didn't even attempting to make it a weekly event, but with that pressure off (I was increasingly very busy with my for-profit shooting) I was able to upload a few shots that I liked.

The 2002 CE PAW Project didn't go as well as I came back to event photography as my primary income and when the business took off again, I simply had not enough time to follow up on the project.

For the 2001 CE PAW Project I didn't always manage an actual good photograph but I did place one here as a self punishment of sorts urging me to do better the next week and even tried my hand at Haiku.

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