Michael E. Bérubé - Photographer

Reportage Photojournalism

I did quite a bit of newspaper photography while I was enlisted (mostly human interest and puff stuff) and some for the Free Press when I was at university, but I hadn't shot much news in the 90s. Reliance on silver based B&W films and the need for super fast workflow with that media had kept me (without a darekroom) out of the market for a while.

Now with the advent of digital SLRs, even today's small town papers are using nothing but digital sources for photos. I find that I again have the proper tools to do the job within the time constraints that are required. I really enjoy the work almost as much as photographing events, so I've been shooting more and more reportage photojournalism lately as a 'stringer' for local weeklies.

While weddings pay my bills well, Reportage photojournalism compliments my for-hire event photography very well. I'm finding that the constant change topics of reportage work, is also helping me keep my more consistent event shooting location shots fresh as well.

The following pages contain some examples of takes and out takes of shoots that I did while I was at the now defunct Casco Bay Weekly in Portland. These galleries will open in a new window. Close the image window when you are finished looking at the image and continue browsing.

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